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Looking for Expert Garage Door Repair Services in the Edmonton Area?

Renovating and upgrading your property is one of the most tiring yet worthwhile decisions in your life.

It’s a step-by-step process that adds important accessories and things for property renovation.

One of the services that most homeowners and business owners get is installing doors to the garage.

Seeing the doors stand in front of you is rewarding; the real work starts during inspection and maintenance routines for the garage.

You can’t leave alone the installed heavy-duty doors after their initial setup.

Since you practically use the entrance point of your garage regularly, it’s necessary to guarantee its condition.

Missing the necessary steps to maintain the doors, like garage door repair service, can lead to more complex damages.

Problems usually start small for the doors inside the garage.

Loose structure parts, lack of adjustments, and missed inspections can quickly spiral out to broken cables and dented panels.

The beautiful doors will turn into a dangerous liability in the garage.

Don’t risk your safety by not getting the professional service that helps prolong the door life.

Your door deserves all the aftercare it needs.

The doors won’t last long without the proper care and regular check-up.

The best repair services for any damage come from expert technicians and repair specialists who can see through your doors.

Legion Garage Doors offers its services for you.

We have been taking care of heavy-duty doors that serve as an additional entry point to homes and businesses.

You won’t run out of relevant experience and top-notch repair expertise work from our team.

No matter what damage or preventive measure you want to your garage door, we offer it to you.

All you need to do is give us a call.

Common problems in garage doors

We offer our repair services to all people in the area.

You may wonder, what kind of services do we give?

Our services serve as a solution to damages to the doors in the garage.

Many scenarios in the garage can turn very problematic in no time.

If you find yourself experiencing some of these instances, it’s time to call our team for a check-up and the necessary repair after

  • Dented door panels or broken glass panels
  • Jamming door panels along the track
  • Unlevel door panels in the tracks
  • Fraying cables or loose cables in the mechanism
  • Loose torsion or tension springs that lack support for the door
  • Worn out or stubborn door rollers
  • Unadjusted door tracks in the frame
  • Old or worn-out weather-stripping
  • Loose hardware all around the door mechanism
  • Faulty door sensors
  • Noisy or burning smells from the door opener
  • Malfunctioning remote controls and wall switches
  • Stubborn remote controls
  • Routine inspection and regular tune-up services
  • Other scenarios and damages

If you’re not sure about the current damage in the garage, give us a call.

You can tell us what’s going on so we can plan the proper solution for you.

If things get dangerous, don’t attempt to fix things on your own.

You’re risking your safety and may end up spending more for accidental services than repair services.

Do-It-Yourself work vs. Professional repair service: Which one is better?

You can try to fix the problem on your own to save money.

After all, you will spend on repairs to fix the damages.

DIY repairs are very popular on the internet; they serve as an alternative repair for many garage door damage.

Does it pay to get professional services when you can do things on your own?

YES, it’s more valuable to get help from affordable services like us, specializing in the doors to your garage.

Our team has all the experience, tools and equipment, and knowledge to fix any door problem.

The most important thing is that you are not in danger while experts handle the problems inside the garage.

Do you need a repair service for your garage door? Book an appointment and set a schedule with our team.

We are Legion Garage Doors, and we give repair services around town.

No matter what type or model you have installed, we have the experience to fix them.

We are not limited to any brand or model in the market, and we don’t focus on one specific door.

We assure you that you’ll get a garage door that is as good as new after our service.

Book an appointment with our team so we can inspect and repair your door.

We offer repair services to homes and business spaces.

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