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Garage door repair and maintenance is our craft and has been for decades. There is nothing beyond our expertise.


At Legion, know your time is your most valuable asset. That’s why we GUARANTEE a swift turnaround.


Just like our parts, impeccable service our guarantee to you.

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    Garage Door Repair Services

    Nothing is too much to ask for us here at Legion. We believe our customers deserve the exceptional and we strive to maintain these high standards at every callout. All of our engineers have been vetted and receive industry-leading standards of training both in servicing and the latest equipment. Peace of mind is something you can’t put a price on. That’s why we provide a comprehensive warranty on every single one of our parts.

    There may be no need to replace your whole door. It could just be a minor adjustment!

    A necessity you shouldn’t go without. We can fix it.

    A common problem with many possibilities. Call one of our experts.

    Rollers last just a couple of years before need of replacing.

    The most common problem but isn’t wise to do it yourself as it can be unsafe. Leave it
    to a professional.

    If not looked after, cables can become loose and hazardous.

    We don’t have opening hours. Our services are available 24/7.

    Our services are available to both residential and commercial customers.

    If you’re in the Edmonton area, we’d love to help.

    Your Safety Comes First

    All our fitters have years of experience in industry

    The first quote is the last quote. We hate nasty surprises too

    Rest assured, the job will be done the first time

    We’re quick but we don’t rush. Our repairs last

    We’re happy with every call. Big or small. Garage door repair and maintenance should be taken very seriously.
    Our first company value is that every single customer we serve is left feeling satisfied with us.
    That’s why we offer friendly, free, advice such as garage aesthetics that can help compliment the look to your home or property.
    The only question we hate, is the one that isn’t asked: (587) 400-3968

    As an entrance to your home, no risk should be taken when it comes to you and your family. Our engineers are expertly trained to spot early warning signs of door fatigue.
    We don’t stop there, once we’ve finished the job at hand, we’ll talk you through what to look for in the future, giving you peace of mind and money saved.
    Regular upkeep is the best way to prevent any big repair bills stacking up.
    We’ll always give our customers advice on what they can do to keep their garage door in tip-top


    We pride ourselves on our customer service.

    Had my garage door torsion springs replaced. They came out the same day of calling and got the job done quickly. Price was also very reasonable.
    Glen Taul


    They called to inform me when they would be there. The technician arrived as he said and was very professional and helpful!
    Pam Shumake
    Sherwood Park


    Fantastic service with lowest price! Fixed a single spring. Quick and professional! Highly recommend!! Will be my first and only call on future garage door issues
    Jennifer Nigh
    Southwest Edmonton


    Common garage door Fixes


    Rattling doors can be annoying and abtrustive. We can fix it.

    Strange Noises?

    If you’ve tried grease and that hasn’t solved the problem, you need a pro.

    Bent out of shape?

    A bent door can quickly develop into a bigger issue. Call us ASAP to prevent further

    Overhead door not moving?

    Sometimes as simple as a blocked sensor eye.

    Garage door panels and broken or damaged?

    Damaged panels are dangerous panels – especially to kids. Don’t take a risk, call us.

    Garage door not opening or closing properly?

    You wouldn’t leave your front door open, so why leave your garage door open? It’s a
    potential pathway to intruders.

    What are you waiting for?

      Garage Door Repair in Edmonton

      A garage is usually the least notable space in the house.

      However, ensuring a safe garage guarantees secured cars for all of us.

      Although the garage is composed of steel and metal, corrosion can still happen that damages its parts.

      Excessive use and misuse can also cause damage.

      If you are in need of garage door repair in Edmonton, worry no more!

      Legion Garage Door Repairs is here to serve you.

      We know how frustrating it is to have a broken garage door.

      We have encountered lots of clients worrying about garage door installation and replacement.

      Don’t hesitate to give us a call.

      We are open 24/7 every day.

      We’ll be more than happy to assist and fix your busted garage doors!

      If you are looking for the best service provider for garage door replacement, check us out to see the complete list of services we provide.

      We are a team of experts that handles all types of garage repair and services in the city.

      Here are some of the concerns that our clients have let us deal with:

      Broken Springs

      We all know springs are often under pressure.

      Damaged springs create a loud thud or banging sound that can startle you and your family.

      Fixing the broken spring should be done by professionals to ensure proper installation.

      We always fix broken springs with the right precaution needed.

      Broken Wheels and Rollers

      Wheels that no longer spin and turn often need replacement.

      It can be challenging to change the wheels because you might bend its door track.

      With this said and done, rely on our team to fix it for you!

      Cracked and Broken Door Panels

      Your garage door panels seem not too heavy, but in reality, it requires at least two people to carry them.

      It is not a simple and easy job to DIY.

      Improper garage door replacement or installation can cause a fatal accident.

      Call our garage door repair in Edmonton now to help you install broken garage doors.

      Broken Hardware

      Changing one hardware can be easy.

      However, if you need to fix multiple hooks, it will require professionals to ensure proper and safe installation.

      Don’t hesitate to call us whenever you need help changing your hinges.

      Missing or Damaged Weather Stripping

      Yes, replacing a damaged weather stripping doesn’t necessarily require professionals.

      However, do not forget to call our garage door installation service when stripping is between the two-door panels.

      Damaged Automatic Opener

      This type of garage door replacement and repair will always require professional help due to its electrical hazard.

      We know that all automatic door openers have lots of electrical wirings, but our specialist and technician will ensure a safe and secure installation.

      Garage Door Dents and Scratches

      A plunger can help you fix a simple dent.

      However, what if you got deeper dents and scratches?

      Severe dents and scratches could mean a door replacement.

      Let us help you get it fixed.

      Broken Sensor

      Using sensors for garage door opening and closing is the latest and most innovative security and protection for all homeowners.

      Instead of manually opening and closing the garage door, a sensor can do all the work.

      Unlike other garage door issues, you cannot fix a broken sensor.

      It would require professionals like Legion Garage Door Repairs to do it for you

      It is vital to check the extent of your garage door damage and assess if it is beyond your knowledge and skills.

      While DIY can help you save some pennies, there are still risks when attempting to do it on your own.

      Therefore, asking assistance from Legion Garage Door Repairs can be better and more effective in all types of garage door installation.

      Getting A New Garage Door

      Are you still hesitant to install a new garage door?

      Well, here are the benefits and advantages of having a new one.

      Stronger Garage Door

      Living here in Edmonton will require you to have a sturdy garage door that could stand against severe weather conditions.

      Modernized garage doors are sturdier and more reliable compared to the old ones.

      Better Appearance and Exterior

      Upgrading your garage door is a great way to improve the exterior of your home.

      Not only will it increase your house value, but it will also make your house more appealing.

      Better Insulation

      One known benefit of upgrading your garage door is its efficacy in saving home energy.

      Modern garage doors offer better insulation with their ability to adjust the room temperature.

      These garage doors cool down your garage during summer and warmer during winters.

      Best Garage Door Repair In Edmonton

      Always choose the best garage door repair in Edmonton to get the best service at the lowest rates!

      Legion Garage Doors has the most skilled technicians and specialists to cater to all types of garage door services.

      Whether you want to restore, install, or repair your garage door, we are here to help you.

      Call us now to get the best service at the most affordable rates and prices!