Why Does Garage Door Open by Itself

A garage door opening by itself could be the workings of a ghost for all we know.

While some would rather have that as a plausible cause than something far more expensive to deal with, a randomly working door could be having severe problems in its system.

When this happens, the most appealing resort would be to acquire the services of a professional.

Economical homeowners would no sooner abandon this notion than a more straightforward procedure that will not cost them hefty amounts of money.

Garage doors may come off as simple machines that would necessitate an owner to only check them once in a while – a seemingly uncomplicated affair that wouldn’t cost even an ounce of sweat.

That doesn’t begin to cover the misconception, however.

Garage doors are made up of several devices that make their movements possible.

Should one of them even encounter a minor inconvenience, the chances are high that the entirety of the garage door will stop working.

On the whole, there are many reasons why a garage door would act in a way most unlikely of it.

Given that reality, this list seeks to provide several probable answers to the question: why does the garage door open by itself.

There is a problem with the safety sensors.

The safety sensors are a part of the safety features of a garage door.

The opener prevents the door from opening when something is detected to block it.

This is done through the abilities of the sensors that are found on the motor of the opening that is found near the floor and is positioned on top of the tracks.

In other words, if the door that is on the way down comes in contact with an object, the motor will then detect resistance and the door automatically opens.

If the beam from the light of the floor sensors are broken, then the door will not close.

The smallest detection from the path, such as that of the leaves or snow around the garage door, can cause the door to not be able to close.

As such, a misalignment in the sensors can result in improper function.

Therefore, you need to inspect the space that is found around the door together with the door’s tracks.

This is because the sensors can be misaligned should the tracks be bent.

Check the button of the garage door opener.

Every garage door usually has an operator button that looks like a doorbell.

It will depend on the configuration, but it is likewise used to activate the door.

To troubleshoot it, ensure that the button is clean and free of dirt or any debris.

This is because the button can easily acquire dirt and get stuck in a particular position.

This will result in the door to open and close until the button is unstuck.

Simply clean the button as well as the other connections in the house.

Ensure that the wiring in the button is also working well.

Inspect the transformer and the control board.

If you have taken a look at the sensors as well as the operator button with no signs of damage, the issue might be coming from the control board of the opener.

This might be due to a power surge caused by a bolt of strong lightning and other electrical problems.

Simply check the voltage in and out of the circuit board as well as the transformer.

It will help you in finding out if either one of them needs to be replaced.

Call an expert.

If you are in doubt, it is best to call for professional help.

The question of why does garage door open by itself can be solved directly with the assistance of an expert.

As such, it is best to let the professionals handle your garage door.

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