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In choosing a garage door, there are several things that must be considered including the structure, design, materials, and most importantly the size.

It is vital to understand garage door sizes because there are several sizes for different uses.

Yes, the size of your garage door depends on how and where you will use it.

For this reason, most homeowners prefer custom made garage doors rather than the second hand ones to achieve the proper fitting of the door to their property.

Now, the question is what are the standard garage door sizes?

Of course, you would want to know first your options in order to correctly choose the perfect garage door for your garage.

Worry no more!

We, Legion Garage Doors, are here to introduce you to the different Standard Garage Door Sizes.

All of which are available in our store in Edmonton where you can purchase only premium-quality garage doors.

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Why is Garage Door Size Important?

In building the perfect house, you would want the perfect dimensions because this will enhance the structure and overall appearance.

Familiarizing yourself with garage door sizes will help you in designing the facade of your property.

Garage door sizes depend on the layout of your garage itself.

The number of your vehicles is also a factor for a proper parking space.

If you have bought a house already, the size has already been decided.

However, if your place is under construction or renovation; you should consider the size options for a convenient way of parking and better utilization of your garage.

Single Garage Door

The single garage door has a size of 7 to 8 feet height and 8-10 feet width.

This is ideally made for a garage that should have enough room for a single car.

The door can fit a standard-size car, SUV, van, or truck.

Double Garage Door

A double garage door has the same height as the single garage door which is 7-8 feet size.

However, the width of the double garage door can expand up to 16-18 feet.

From the name itself, double garage doors are made for houses with multiple-vehicle garages.

This type of garage door is also great for homeowners who are planning to take a portion of their garage and turn it into a home office, gym, grilling area, storage, or even a guest room.

Combination Garage Door

Combination Garage Door is like multiple garage doors but one size only either the single or double garage door.

This is perfect for homeowners who are planning to divide their garages into two or three equally.

It also offers more flexibility and organization of the garage.

However, multiple garage doors are way more expensive than a single large garage door.

The maintenance is harder as well since you are dealing with more than one garage door.

Nonetheless, the multiple doors offer great aesthetic and adds more value to your property.

RV Garage Door

Normally, RV garage doors are installed in a standalone garage meaning, no house attached.

An RV garage door is specifically made for garages that store several vehicles such as RV or bulk business equipment.

The usual sizes of these large doors are 10, 12, or 14 feet in height and width.

Customized Garage Door Size

This type of garage door has no specific range of sizes.

If you want your garage to look more creative and unique, you can ask for a customized garage door.

A customized garage door has a size depending on the measurement of your actual garage.

Technicians will need a series of inspecting and measuring the actual garage to create the most fitting garage door.

It may take more time and money, but the advantage of a custom-made garage door is the size perfectly fits your property hence, a smoother and quieter operation.

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We can assist you in designing your future garage door beginning with the size, structure, design, down to the color, and type of material that will be used.

You can find all the different standard garage door sizes that you are looking for in our store, and you can also purchase a customized one.

We assure you that all of our garage doors are premium-quality made of branded materials and components.

We also offer warranty, follow-up check-ups, and garage door repairs to our clients after the installation.

Therefore, you can always count on Legion Garage Doors for a safe and professional garage door installation.

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When buying a new garage door, it’s normal for homeowners to choose an aesthetically pleasing door.

When buying a new garage door, it’s normal for homeowners to choose an aesthetically pleasing door.

We understand that a well-designed garage door can significantly affect the appearance of your property.

However, you should consider its functional system and correct size to fit your garage area perfectly.

In this article, we will discuss the standard garage door sizes.

By mentioning and telling you the knowledge about a garage door size, you can select the right door based on their proportions and not only their physical appearance.

At Legion Garage Doors, we can show you our garage door models with sizes, and we can also measure your garage for the door to fit correctly.

In this way, you’re not going to waste money on some garage doors that won’t be suitable for your garage.

Our team of professional garage door technicians will provide a top-notched garage door installation service after you purchase a specific door.

Additionally, we offer garage door repair and replacement services in residential and commercial establishments.

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One Car Garage Door Size

Believe it or not, there’s no actual or exact size for one car garage door.

Typically, there are about three-door widths for this size.

While the usual garage door is measured 7 feet in height, a single type garage door is available for around 8-foot size.

In general, single garage door dimensions are 10×7, 9×7, and 8×7.

The smallest width of all single-type garage doors is 8×7, accommodating many cars.

This 8-foot width is also more typical than a 10-foot garage door width.

However, this size will cause a very light squeeze for larger vehicles, such as SUVs and trucks in Atlanta areas.

On the other hand, a Toyota Prius can slide into an eight-foot garage opening, and a Ford Expedition car may feel a little snug.

This is common if you’re navigating sound lawn equipment, bikes, and other tools that are typically found in a garage.

Two Car Garage Door Size

The most typical type of door today is a two-car garage door size.

A double car garage door is seven feet high and 16-18 feet wide.

Sometimes, we will see a twenty-foot or six food golf cart garage door, but this type is sporadic.

Single and double can be custom-made dimensions to accommodate many vehicles and equipment inside your garage.

Three Car Garage Door Size

The standard size for any garage door is the triple type, which is extremely rare than a twenty-foot two-car garage door size.

A three-car garage door is a more practical option, and it’s more aesthetically pleasing and needs less horsepower to function correctly.

Additionally, this garage door type is more cost-effective than the two that I mentioned above.

Most homeowners prefer to choose the ease of driving via an ample opening space with one big garage door.

Also, it’s getting more standard to have two or more car garages that have high and medium-end new homes.

Should i install a new garage door?

Technically, we can’t answer your question the way you desire.

However, it’s not impossible to install a new wide garage door that can meet your needs, but it will be practically dependent on your home’s architectural design.

The span right above your door opening is framed with a header.

This header will support the wall on the top of your garage door.

So, to correctly install a wide door, the long header will need to be elevated.

As long as there’s sufficient room above the door opening, the procedure is relatively straightforward.

However, if there isn’t much space on top of your door, you may need to heighten your garage roof to accommodate a standard garage door size.


If you can’t decide what garage door size you should buy, feel free to ask our highly skilled garage door installers.

What is important the most is you do some research first and try to know the dimensions of your garage area so that you’ll not waste money.

Our garage door experts will explain what type of garage door is suited for your garage area that will surely satisfy you.

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