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    How To Improve Your Garage Door Opener Reception

    If you’re newly moved to a house, and you want to replace the garage door with a used one for sale, well, there are some considerations before you buy it.

    We know that it’s practical to buy an item in good condition for a lower price.

    However, not all of these items can prolong their lifespan for a long time, and that includes the garage door you want to buy.

    So, before you ever buy a used garage door, you should check a few points that will help you make the best decision on whether you’ll get it or not.

    If you think there’s enough reason to buy a used garage door, you can invest in a brand new one.

    At Legion Garage Doors, we provide high-quality garage doors that withstand an extended period.

    Additionally, our business service only works with the top-notched company, so we can ensure you have a top-quality garage door.

    Aside from providing a door, we offer repair and replacement services for your garage door needs.

    We have a team of well-experienced and professional garage door technicians who can fix any problem in a garage door.

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    Few points to consider when buying a used garage door.

    • Ensure that the size of the used garage door has the exact dimension of your door opening for both new construction projects and existing ones.
    • Make sure that it has an adequate clearance above your garage door.
    • Additionally, if you’ll add an electric door opener, remember that you need an additional two inches of clearance.
    • You should check if the door has the same depth and space as your horizontal garage door tracks.
    • If the clearance of the new door is not the same, don’t buy it and just purchase new fitting hardware.
    • That’s because altering the existing door can be dangerous.

    If you’ll buy a used garage door, here are the things we don’t recommend you to do

    1. We don’t advise any garage owners to buy a used door if it is located at the front of the property as it’s not that secure, and burglars might easily compromise your security.
    2. Choose a garage door with better functioning than selecting based on appearance.
    3. A good-condition garage door is essential in providing you with a better operation than buying an aesthetically pleasing but faulty door.
    4. If you’ll install it in your cottage, select a used garage door with a recent manufactured less than ten years old.
    5. If the used garage door is made of wood, you can just repair any crack and repaint it if you would like, unless it’s a metal type.
    6. If the door is made of metal, it’s more challenging to paint it, especially if you’re not professional.
    7. Please remember when you buy a used garage door, you’ll less likely need to replace certain parts, such as rusted screws and hinges, worn weather strips, or damaged rollers.
    8. Depending on the wear and tear of the used garage door, you need to consider replacing its spring system.
    9. Moreover, if you plan on adding extra windows for your garage door, changing the garage door springs is necessary.
    10.  A garage door spring system is well-balanced and calibrated and can only accommodate a garage door’s five percent total weight.
    11. Don’t try to adjust the springs independently, as it’s hazardous and could put your life at risk.

    Is a used garage door worth your money?

    Well, for this question, the most common and practical answer is no.

    Don’t forget that not all used garage doors have well-maintained components.

    Some of this used hardware has irreparable damage and would cause you to repurchase a new door sooner or later.

    That’s why it’s best you can invest in a brand new and affordable garage door so that your investment will be worth it.


    At Legion Garage Doors, our team of expert garage door technicians can provide you with professional advice on the pros and cons of the situation.

    In this way, you can ensure that your garage door is safe and secured for you and your family to use for regular activities.

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