How to Adjust Garage Door Springs and Cables

Repairing could be a therapeutic endeavor; say, damages aren’t as complicated and would only require one to tweak this and tug that.

Repairing complex machines is another matter, however.

Garage doors, in all their noble splendor, are just one of the many that could send anyone sprinting for the nearest repairman once its complications.

Given that these doors weigh a hundred pounds on average, some exceeding 400, it could mean dangerous business for a complete beginner.

Fixing something that could well be the cause of one’s demise is an undertaking most daunting and would chase off any brave fixing prospects from eager and frugal homeowners.

Garage door springs and cables, while simultaneously small in size, assume a very focal role in the workings of a garage door.

Should they come loose or break, chances are doors mentioned above would stop working altogether.

What’s worse is that if one of them suddenly breaks at a time one least expects, injuries are sure to be fatal.

It would be best, therefore, for a garage owner to know of this in advance.

As such, this list seeks to provide clever tips for when garage door springs and cables become loose.

This article also aims to answer the frequent question of how to adjust garage door springs and cables.

Equip yourself with the right supplies.

As safety is the first priority, make sure you are well equipped with the proper tools and equipment for the job.

A worker without his tools is useless, so make sure that they are the appropriate materials for the job.

You can make use of some personal protective equipment as well as basic tools that you will be required to have.

This will ensure that the project can be successfully completed and done.

You will need some safety glasses, hard hats, and gloves.

Moreover, you will need a sturdy ladder, a c-clamp, some masking tape or marker, and an adjustment wrench.

Open the garage door fully.

The next step is to have the springs and cables freed from the tension.

This is so you can safely adjust their tension as well.

If the door is manually operated, you have to keep on opening the door until it reaches its full position.

With an automatic door, however, you simply need to make use of the remote control to fully open it.

Once the garage door has been opened, drag the emergency cord down and back until the spring has been jammed and placed in an open position.

This will disengage the opener from the door and release the tension from the springs and cables.

Keep the door fully opened.

Ensure that the door will not fall or close while you are still on the verge of working on the cables and the springs.

The best way to make sure of this is to place a c-clamp below the roller at the bottom.

This will hold it in place.

Disconnect the hook.

Remove the spring hook as well as the cable.

There are two hooks, mainly the smaller and the bigger one.

Make use of an adjustable wrench to detach the nut as well as the hook.

Adjust the spring’s tension.

If the door is not closing fully, then you will need to decrease the tension of the spring.

Affix the hook of the spring to a lower hole that is located on the track hanger.

If the problem lies with the quick opening and closing of the door, then increase the tension.

Simply attach the spring onto a much higher hole.

If the door is closing unevenly, simply decrease the tension on the part when the gap is noticeable.

Adjust the tension of the cable.

To adjust the tension of the cables, simply shorten them a little bit by fastening the knot that is used to attach it to the spring.

If the tension needs to be decreased, just lengthen it by unfastening the knot.

Call an Expert.

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Not to mention, it is dangerous.

That is why you should leave the problem to us! As experts, we guarantee you quality and, more importantly, safety.

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