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    How Does A Garage Door Spring Break

    There are definitely a lot of things that you can benefit from having an overhead garage door, however, without its different parts and components, your garage doors will sum up to nothing.

    The different parts and components of your garage door make it possible for the doors to move.

    And one of the most important components of your garage door’s mechanical system is your garage door springs.

    Without your garage door springs, your garage door will lose the ability to stay open, or worst, it may not even open at all.

    However, even knowing all this, it is still a sad fact that a lot of garage door owners take their garage door springs for granted or have no idea how these springs work at all.

    This is why a lot of people experience having their garage doors suddenly break down on them.

    When your springs break or snap, you are in for a whole lot of trouble.

    So before this happens, make sure that you take notice of your overhead garage door’s torsion springs and make sure that they are in good perfect condition to the best that you can.

    But, exactly how does a garage door spring break?

    Well, keep reading and let us find out together.

    Top 3 reasons for your broken garage door springs

    There are a lot of possible reasons out there that could explain why your garage door springs have broken down or have worn out such as weather conditions, rust formation, heavy load, etc.

    And what more, depending on your problem, the way to deal with it also differs accordingly.

    However, covering all the reasons in this article will only bore you down and give you a reason to stop reading it so let us stick with the three topmost reasons why your garage door springs breakdown.

    And as such, here are the top three most common reasons why your garage door spring breaks.

    1. Wear and Tear

    The topmost reason why your garage door springs breakdown on you is due to wear and tear of the said component over time.

    Since your garage door spring is one of the most used parts of your overhead garage doors, it is subjected to a lot of tension and stress from everyday usage which in turn affects your spring’s overall durability and life expectancy.

    Thus, it is only normal to expect that eventually, your garage door springs will have to be replaced.

    If you find yourself in a situation like this, and your garage door starts to show signs of wearing out or breaking down, then there is no other way to deal with it other than having it replaced with a new one.

    2. Rust formation on springs

    In the second place, we have the forming of rust on the surface of your overhead garage door’s spring.

    During cold weather and the like, if left unattended, moisture can start to form on your spring’s surface.

    When this happens, this moisture will cause the metal to react and will eventually turn to rust on the metal’s surface.

    Once rust is present, your springs then become more brittle and even easier to break down.

    Then, with all the external factors and the constant usage of your garage doors springs, the wearing-out process of your garage door spring is sped up.

    In order to deal with this rusting problem, all you need to do is to apply lubrication on your spring’s surface and wipe off the formed rust.

    Lubricants can loosen the rust that has formed on the surface making it easier to wipe it off and, on top of that, they can even prevent moisture from forming on your spring’s surface.

    Plus, it also comes with a lot more other benefits for your overhead garage doors.

    3. Lack of Maintenance

    Last but not least, one of the reasons for your broken down springs are due to the lack of maintenance being done to it.

    Maintaining your garage door’s spring can help a lot in prolonging your garage door spring’s life span and in improving your overhead garage door’s overall efficiency.

    Maintenance included cleaning activities, monitoring your garage door parts’ physical conditions, and minor repairs.

    So if you want to extend further your garage door spring’s life and prevent it from breaking down on you suddenly, make sure to perform maintenance activities on them.


    Your garage door springs are just as important as your overhead garage doors themselves as without your springs, your garage door would not be able to function at all.

    Now that you know exactly how a garage door spring breaks, you are now able to respond accordingly.

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