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    Is your house under construction or renovation?

    You might be thinking about changing your garage door as well and upgrading it into a double garage door.

    If you are considering this, you should learn first the benefits of having a double car garage door size for your property.

    This can be a difficult decision to make since you can install two single garage doors instead of one double garage door.

    However, there are homeowners who opted to install a double garage door and have no regrets about it.

    Nonetheless, we, the Legion Garage Doors are here to end your confusion.

    We are glad to explain to you the benefits of having a double garage door and how it would affect your property and lifestyle.

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    Benefits of Having Double Garage Doors

    Although double garage doors look too large and high maintenance for you, they have some advantages that could improve your way of living.

    Double size garage doors will not only help you maximize all the spaces in your property, it will also provide better security since the door is bigger and heavier.

    Here are four factors worth considering as you buy double garage doors.

    Space and Parking

    Believe or not, a double car garage door provides more room for easy parking in your garage.

    You can choose to park two cars or park a single car in the middle.

    You have the freedom to have one big car or two smaller cars, either way you can easily park the vehicles without worrying that you might crash into something.

    With a double car garage door, you have more room for loading large appliances as well.

    You can store bikes or motorbikes, and other home equipment.

    Additionally, you can comfortably clean or do repairs inside your garage since when you open it, you can access a larger space.

    You can convert some part of the area into a home gym or barbecue area too!

    Less Expenses

    A double car garage door may look high maintenance, but you can actually save more money with this size!

    With a bigger garage door, you only require one opener system, one set of tracks, one photo eye sensor, and so on.

    Hence, the repair and maintenance are way more affordable because you are only spending money for a single garage door.

    Moreover, repairs are easy to find and fix since you are dealing with one door only.

    Great Aesthetics and Brighter Area

    Another edge of having a double car garage door is the curb appeal it provides.

    The largeness of the door adds more value to your property because it extends the size of your house too, especially when you choose a great design.

    A wider garage door also provides better natural lighting, especially when it comes with windows, you can have brighter space even when it is closed.

    You can be creative with its facade as well making the look more sophisticated and aesthetically appealing to passersby.

    In this way, you add more value to your house when you decide to sell it in the future.

    Better Security and Less Damages

    Of course, a bigger garage door provides better security.

    It would be difficult for thieves or burglars to break in since the door is heavier and equipped with advanced security features.

    Moreover, big garage doors are less susceptible to damages during extreme weather disturbances.

    The heaviness and sturdiness of the door can prevent strong winds or hail storms from damaging it.

    Two Single Car Garage Door vs. Double Car Garage Door Size

    You might be considering purchasing two single car garage doors rather than a double car garage door because they are likely just the same.

    Before you purchase anything, you should know first the differences of the two and why most garage door experts prefer homeowners to get a double car garage door size.

    Consider the Sizes

    The size of a standard garage door is 8 feet wide by 7 feet tall which can fit a single car perfectly.

    On the other hand, a double garage door has a measure of 16 feet by 7 feet size.

    Now, if you are thinking about breaking the area of your garage, the two single doors are better.

    It will give you the opportunity to turn the other side into a storage or gym area while the other half is the parking space.

    However, a double garage door is way better for parking vehicles because the space when you open it is bigger.

    Plus, you have the option to park your car without worrying about bumping into the sides, and you can purchase additional car because you still have enough space.

    Consider the Expenses

    Evidently, two single garage doors give off two sets of everything – openers, tracks, sensors, etc.

    Thus, having two standard garage doors is way more expensive than having one double size garage door.

    The maintenance and garage door repairs are more costly because you are taking care of two garage doors, especially when you add the electricity bill since you will be using two electric openers as well.

    Therefore, a double size garage door is much more cost-effective than two standard garage doors.

    Hire Legion Garage Doors for Double Car Garage Door Size Installation

    If you are looking for well-trained and professional installers in Edmonton, the Legion Garage Doors is the way to go!

    We have been providing high-quality garage door services for years and we assure you that all of our customers are satisfied with the quality of work we give.

    We offer installation for any type of garage door whether you need a standard or a double size one.

    You can also trust that all of the materials and components we use to build and install your garage door are original and with great quality.

    Book us now for a safe garage door installation!

    A lot of property owners want to expand their garage size to a whole different level.

    While typical garage owners store only one car, some wealthy people renovate their area to place at least two to more vehicles.

    However, having this kind of dimension, you’ll also need a durable and large garage door.

    This article will talk about double-car garage door size and what you need to know before buying one.

    At Legion Garage Doors, we provide high-quality garage doors that can withstand extreme weather conditions and accidents, such as car collisions.

    We have a team of highly-skilled garage door technicians who are professional and highly qualified in installing any kind of garage door.

    Additionally, we also offer repair and replacement services for your garage door needs.

    If you need any services mentioned above, feel free to call us.

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    Standard Door Sizes

    Both the garage and garage doors are made in a wide range of sizes.

    That’s why all types of garage doors are custom-made in order to meet the required measurements of your garage dimension.

    Whether you desire to install a sectional, tilt, or roller garage door, rest assured that they are custom-made to fit your garage perfectly.

    While some garage doors come in a lot of sizes, there is a standard measurement for brand new garage doors.

    Single Sectional Door

    The single sectional garage door is standard with 2200mm in height and 2400mm in width.

    Double Sectional Door

    The double sectional garage door is also a standard size with 2200mm in height and 5000mm in width.

    This type of garage door is made to fit size openings perfectly and typically needs 250mm headroom with 125mm side room.

    Roller Door Sizes

    A standard roller door type is made to fit a garage opening of 3000mm in height with 5300mm in width.

    Maximum Sectional Door Size

    The maximum sectional door size is made to fit a garage opening of 3400mm in height with 6400mm in width.

    In this type of garage door, you will need a minimum of at least 250mm to 400mm headroom if you use a side-mounted motor.

    Tilt Door Size

    Tilt garage door size is perfect for door opening that has 2500mm height x 5500mm in width.

    Additionally, a tilt door garage door needs a 750mm side room with a minimum height of 2500mm and a width of 5500mm.

    However, tilt doors are not the secure and safest option nowadays. Always choose and try a sectional garage door first if possible.

    Tilt doors are the hardest and most complicated option these days; always try and choose a Sectional door if possible.

    Advantage of Double Car Garage Door Size

    If you are dealing with custom made width, which is entirely possible when working with the correct garage door manufacturer.

    A double car garage door size is generally not recommended to use if a garage space has a width of fewer than 22ft.

    If you are recommending a garage owner on installing two single garage doors, here are some benefits:

    • Double car garage doors enable every homeowner to control the airflow into their garage better.
    • The garage door can be opened independently, allowing the garage owner to select how much garage space they want to expose to at any given time.
    • Since the garage door can be opened independently, any errors during door operation will not be prohibited from accessing their garage.
    • For some designers, working with a double car garage door size offers a tiny canvas to work with when it comes to custom made designs.
    • However, many people believe that a double car door size is a more pleasant-looking garage, especially in homes where the garage is facing the streets.


    A double garage door size is aesthetically pleasing and gives more life to your property.

    Additionally, having this double type of garage door gives homeowners a lot of benefits.

    If you need this kind of garage door, don’t hesitate to call us for installation service.

    Our team of professional garage door technicians will handle the installation process carefully and correctly.

    We are open available on all days of the week.

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