Do It Yourself Garage Door Maintenance in Edmonton

Your garage door deserves to be taken care of in the best possible way and the only way to do this is by giving it proper maintenance from time to time.

Garage doors are being used a lot every day; in fact, it is even the most used part of your residential homes.

It is opened and closed a thousand times per year and this is probably why eventually its different components break down and wear out.

If you want to prolong the life span of your garage door and its parts, it is necessary to have it undergo regular and general maintenance activities.

Do not wait for your garage doors to break down on you when you can prevent the entire breaking down business by simply doing maintenance on your doors.

Proper and regular maintenance can go a long way in keeping your garage doors in the top best condition it can be, making sure that along the way that your doors keep functioning as it should.

Aside from that, doing maintenance can also help you prevent accidents from happening by spotting what is going wrong before it actually worsens.

Your garage doors can be maintained in two different ways, either by doing it yourself or leaving it to a trained professional.

For simple maintenance activities, you can do these yourselves but for more complex maintenance activities that involve repair and replacements, then you might have to ask for assistance from a trained professional.

Now, for do it yourself garage door maintenance in Edmonton, here are some things you can do to successfully complete the task.

Do it yourself garage door maintenance

Leaving aside the complex maintenance activities, here are some of the most commonly done and simplest maintenance activities you can do for your garage door.

It may require a bit more of your time and effort, but with perseverance and diligence, it is certainly something you can do yourself.

With this, you will be able to give yourself some insight on what exactly happens during garage door maintenance and what you can do to maintain your garage doors.

Now, without further ado, here are the top 4 things you can do to ensure your garage doors are in tip-top shape and are well taken care of.

Cleaning your garage door

Let’s begin with the easiest one, cleaning your garage doors.

One of the simplest things you can do to take care of your garage doors is to clean them on a regular basis.

As time passes by, your garage door becomes dirty and sometimes all the dirt accumulates and hardens.

And, cleaning your garage doors can prevent exactly this from happening.

Your garage doors can be cleaned using a soft fiber cloth and water or by using pressurized water from a hose.

Whichever of the two you may end up choosing, they can both do the job and task at hand really well, although manually cleaning it with a cloth may take longer.

Take note of the different areas where dirt can gather easily, and once you do, make sure to always check those areas from time to time.

Keeping your garage doors not only helps in the functionality of your door but also improves the hygiene of your homes protecting you and your family from diseases and the like.

Lubricating your garage door’s parts

After cleaning your garage door, make sure to lubricate your garage door’s moving parts such as the chains, rollers, springs, etc.

Doing this will help potentially extend the life span of the different parts that compose your garage doors and even improve significantly your garage door’s performance afterward.

Applying lubrication is very easy to do.

All you need to keep in mind is to make sure that you use the proper lubricant compatible with your usage.

For this, you may conduct your own research or consult your local garage door repair company on the best lubricant you can use to maintain your garage doors.

Checking for loose parts

Since your garage door produces a lot of vibrations and movements every day, it is entirely possible that some of the screws have gone loose leaving your hardware moving.

Now neglecting this and taking this for granted can result in a lot of things and can even compromise the safety of the people around you.

Loose garage door parts can not only stop your garage doors from working but as well as can be dangerous when they fall on you since most of them are heavy.

To deal with loos parts, all you need to do is check one by one your garage door’s different components.

See if there are any movable components and the like.

If any loose components are found, make sure to secure them back tightly in place or better yet replace the screws before securing the hardware tightly in place.

General inspection for worn-out parts

Lastly, check the physical conditions of your garage door parts and see if there are any tell-tale signs of wearing out.

Worn out garage door parts is one of the possible causes as to why your garage door suddenly breaks down on you.

And to prevent this from happening, you have to catch the problem before it worsens, and this is one of the best ways to do that.

During maintenance, you check and look for tell-tale signs that a specific component is about to break down allowing you to prevent the unwanted sudden break down of your garage doors.

Start with the simple parts, the rollers, hinges, and tracks.

Check for physical damages on its surface such as dents, wearing out, etc.

If any problems are found, make sure to have said part replaced right away and do not wait for problems to develop.

Act as fast as possible.

Once you are done with the simple components, you may proceed to the more complex ones such as your springs, cables, openers, and the like.

If any damages and the like are found out, make sure to have them replaced right away as well.

For those who are confident enough with their abilities, you may try and replace these yourselves, however, for those who have no idea at all on how to do these, it is best you ask for assistance from your local garage door repair company.

There are a lot more other things you can do to maintain your garage doors but these four are the most basic ones.

Without these, maintaining your garage doors will become a pointless activity.

To know more on how to perform it yourself garage door maintenance in Edmonton, you may check out this video below.


Maintaining your garage doors is definitely a must especially if you want them to last longer than it normally would.

Aside from that, proper maintenance also helps improve the performance of the basic functions of your garage door, operations are smoother and better.

However, maintaining your garage doors can be both easy and difficult at the same time.

If you ever find yourself having troubles with your maintenance activities, it is always best you call for a trained professional for assistance.

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