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    Steel Commercial Roll-up Sheet Doors

    Steel commercial roll-up sheet doors have become such a common and popular choice for a lot of commercial business owners for their commercial needs.

    And this is due to a lot of good reasons.

    Steel commercial roll-up sheet doors are trendy because they are versatile, durable, and cost-efficient.

    Comparing them to your other commercial garage door options or to most residential garage doors, they feel more durable and sturdier but do not consume a lot of space for their functions, giving you a run for your money.

    With all these great features and advantages, it is no wonder that they are such a popular choice for a lot of people.

    But before you settle for steel commercial roll-up sheet doors, let’s get to know more about these garage doors and the advantages we can get from choosing such a type of garage door.

    Steel Commercial Roll-up Sheet Doors

    Roll-up garage doors, in general, are a type of commercial garage door that functions by having panels made of flexible sheets of metal or the like and having them coiled up on the topmost area of your garage doors when you lift your doors open.

    And since they are coiled up instead of being straightened out or flattened when it reaches your garage door’s ceiling, they consume less space compared to other types.

    Commercial roll-up garage doors are commonly made up of steel.

    This is because steel can easily be made into thin flexible sheets, has great durability and sturdiness, and improves the security being offered by the garage door itself.

    Now, there are two types of commercial roll-up sheet garage doors out there available to choose from, section roll-up garage doors and rolling sheet garage doors, and both types of commercial garage doors have their own unique advantages over the other.

    Section roll-up garage doors or most commonly known as the traditional residential sectional garage doors are made of thick horizontal sheets known as sections that are connected together by hinges.

    They function by, instead of keeping them in a coil, straightening all the section panels as they reach your garage door’s ceiling.

    On the other hand, rolling sheet garage doors, or what is more commonly known as true roll-up garage doors, function by having thin flexible sheets act as your garage door’s panel and coiling them as you open your commercial garage doors.

    With these kinds of garage doors, you can maximize the space you can use for storage properly as they do not consume that much space even during operations.

    What materials can overhead roll-up doors be made of?

    Roll-up garage doors can be made from a lot of possible materials such as wood, fabricated steel, etc.

    Depending on the type of roll-up garage door you plan on having, your options can increase accordingly.

    However, out of all of these different options, the best choice to go with is steel.

    Steel commercial roll-up sheet door is a great option because it is durable and sturdy, it does not sacrifice any of your garage door’s security plus they really last a long time.

    On top of that, they are also resistant to a lot of uncontrollable factors making them more well-suited to protect your valuables being stored inside.

    What can you get from choosing steel commercial roll-up sheet doors?

    As previously mentioned, choosing commercial roll-up garage doors made of steel comes with a lot of advantages and benefits.

    After all, they are not only durable but they offer a lot of great things as well.

    The topmost reason why a lot of individuals choose roll-up garage doors is the fact that they are really compact and that they take up less space compared to other commercial garage doors.

    This means that you are able to maximize further your warehouse’s space.

    Aside from that, roll-up garage doors are fairly easy to use and operate in spite of the complexity of their design and structure.

    They are user friendly even to those who are not technologically acquainted.

    But the biggest catch about steel commercial roll-up sheet doors is the fact that even if they are made of thin flexible sheets of steel, they are as durable as it can get.

    They are able to provide better security for whatever is being kept inside, they ensure that your warehouse is safe from theft, and they can assure you that your belongings are safe from uncontrollable factors such as heat and cold and that they are well-protected from damages.

    Lastly, since roll-up garage doors are made to be compact per se, in case of your components snapping or breaking down on you, you will not be worried about these accidentally falling down on you as they are well kept behind the compartment where your coiled-up garage door panels are placed during the lifting of your garage doors open.


    Steel roll-up garage doors are really great especially if you value protection and security above all things.

    And with all the benefits you can get from choosing them, you just know that your money is very much well spent.

    Roll-up garage doors are not only good for commercial uses; in fact, they have also started to become great options for residential purposes as well.

    If you are planning to have commercial garage doors installed for your warehouses, then you can rely on Legion Garage Doors in Edmonton.

    We provide a lot of different garage door related services from garage door installation to emergency garage door repairs and maintenance services.

    We are also available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so whenever you need our services, we will be right there, ready to assist you anytime.

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