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    Garage Door Cable Repair

    Garage Door Cable Repair

    Garage Door Cable Repair

    Cables are one of the most hardworking components of the garage door.

    However, they’re often neglected.

    They help the springs to make the door move upward easier.

    Without them, you won’t be able to open the door safely.

    If you’re curious about how the cables work, along with different types and when to call for a garage door cable repair, read more to find out.

    Types of Cables

    Cables come in two types according to the kind of springs.

    These are torsion and extension cables.

    • Torsion cables: Torsion cables are located around the drums at the ends of the torsion springs. As the torsion spring rotates, the cable extends to close the door and wraps around the drum when the door opens.
    • Extension cables: Cables are found at the sides of the extension springs. They assist the extension springs to lift and lower the door through extending and contracting.

    The extension spring contracts as it runs the cable to lift the door.

    It happens the same for cable when the spring extends to close the door.

    Depending on the type of springs you have, there are different ways to fix it.

    If you’ve been experiencing garage door problems, read further if one of them is your problem.

    Why do Cables Break?

    Cables break due to various factors such as:

    Failing auto-reverse feature

    Automatic overhead doors come with an auto-reverse feature.

    The auto-reverse feature includes sensors that send signals to the opener whether to open or close the door.

    If the sensors detect an object, it allows the door to stay open.

    However, when the sensors get faulty, the door will only move halfway causing stress to the cable as it continues moving while the door is in a stationary position.

    Make sure to check the auto-reverse feature regularly to prevent cable damage.

    Improper Adjustment on Springs

    If you have previously installed your spring incorrectly, it might cause the door to open and close unevenly.

    As a result, it will affect the way cables operate as they are connected to the springs.

    Make sure to contact a residential or commercial garage door repair company for a garage door cable repair.

    Broken Springs

    If the springs are wearing out, it might cause the cable to lose tension resulting in the door crashing down.

    If one of the springs break, replace them right away to prevent them from affecting the cables.

    You can watch the procedure here on how to perform garage door springs replacement.

    Mismatched drums and cables

    The right size of drums must match the cables. However, there are times that the drums installed are the wrong type, especially when you ask for an amateur to do the repairs.

    Wrong drums can strain the cable, causing it to snap.

    This means that the door will also crash down, which can pose injuries and damages.

    Make sure to choose the right drums and cables for your garage door.

    When you seek help from professionals, they know exactly how to install it while selecting the suitable model to maximize your garage door’s efficiency.

    Dirty garage door tracks

    Dirty tracks allow an uneven door operation, resulting in the cable slipping off from the drum.

    Also, debris on the tracks will hinder the tracks’ functionality, enabling the motor to work harder.

    As these scenarios happen to dirty garage door tracks, make sure to clean them to prevent failure in the garage door parts.

    When Should You Call a Professional for the Repairs

    Once you have inspected the cables and you found damages and signs of wearing, expect to encounter the following issues on your garage door:

    1. The door is difficult to open.

    When your springs and opener are intact, but your door still fails to open, there must be a problem with your garage door spring.

    If this happens, call an emergency garage door repair in Edmonton since the issue is most likely due to a broken spring that needs fixing as soon as possible.

    1. The cables are dangling.

    If you see a wire dangling from the cable, you must replace the cable right away.

    This happens when the cable is too frayed.

    How to Keep the Condition of the Cables

    As always, proper maintenance is the best way to keep the condition of your cables.

    Regular maintenance helps you to spot the issues early.

    If a professional notices wearing and damage on the cables, they will address the problem right away.

    Hence, schedule maintenance with your trusted 24 7 garage door repair in Edmonton.

    You can also call Legion Garage Doors as we serve around in Edmonton.

    We will perform the best garage door cable repair you need.

    Call us at any time! We will respond to you right away!

    We hope you enjoyed the above article titled Garage Door Cable Repair. For more great articles such as “Garage Door Cable Repair”, feel free to browse our blog for more great content. Legion Garage Doors Edmonton.

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