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Overhead Doors should make your life convenient and easier. With the invention of an automatic opener, you no longer have to manually hoist your overhead door every time you go home from work.

Due to a lot of factors, automatic openers can malfunction anytime. What’s worse, you don’t know how to fix them.

Don’t worry because we will help you with how to perform garage door automatic opener repair. However, if you’re not confident doing the work by yourself, you can ask for help from an emergency garage door repair in Edmonton.

Basic Parts of Garage Door Automatic Opener

Before you head on for the repairs, it’s essential to know the components that comprise the opener. Here are the following:


The operator functions as the brain of the opener. It comprises motors and gears that can be used in a 120 Volts outlet to open and close your garage door.

The motor can run on AC (Alternating Current) or DC (Direct Current). AC is the most common type of operator motor, while DC is rarely used.


It allows the moving mechanism of the door. It connects to the operator and the trolley through a belt, chain, or screw.

Out of the drives, the belt has the quietest operation and can function with the least maintenance.

On the other hand, chain and screw drives are the cheaper options but require more maintenance.

Benefits of Garage Door Automatic Opener

Since overhead doors nowadays are run by automatic openers, here’s what you should know about the benefits of automatic openers.

It’s essential to go back to the basics to realize how vital automatic openers should be in good condition, or else you would not reap their benefits.

  • Convenience: Simple press the remote button, and you’ll be able to enter and leave the garage door quickly. Gone are the days where you lift and lower the door manually.
  • Maintenance: What’s impressive with automatic openers is how they are easy to maintain. You’ll be able to use it every day without worrying about needing to perform regular maintenance.
  • Security: Compared to manual openers, automatic ones are more secure. With technology nowadays, you can access your door from your neighbor’s house if you forgot to close the door.

How to Perform Garage Door Automatic Opener Repair

After using your automatic opener for a long time and it starts to operate abnormally, follow these tips on how to perform garage door automatic opener repair.

Depending on the issue, you may need to fix the opener on your own or call a 24 7 garage door repair company.

Wall Switch and Remote Control Fail to Operate the Opener

If your garage door doesn’t budge after pressing the wall switch or remote, the problems might stem from these factors:

  • Check the motor unit if it’s disconnected from the power source. If this is likely the case, plug it back to the power outlet.
  • If lights or other electrical devices in your house do not operate, the circuit breaker, GFCI, or fuse are blown out. You may need to reset the breaker or replace the fuse.
  • The opener motor is burned out. To solve this issue, you may need to ask for help from a residential or commercial garage door repair.

Opener Won’t Respond to the Remote

These are the following reasons why your opener won’t respond to the remote:

  • There is a possibility that your antenna is out of range. To improve the range of your opener, watch the following videos.
  • Your remote might need reprogramming. Electronic devices need a reset when they’re not functioning anymore.
  • You need to replace your remote battery if you haven’t been changing it for a while. A dead battery while hindering the signal communication between the remote and opener.

Garage Door Reverses After Touching the Floor

When your garage door reverses after touching the floor, there might be a problem with the close-force setting.

Sometimes, the friction of the rollers is tricking the opener that the door has reached the floor. With this, you need to adjust the sensitivity of the setting.

Garage Door Opens Halfway

If you find the garage door not opening completely, there might be a problem with the up-limit switch.

Move the switch towards the motor unit to allow the door to open fully. It may be a rare problem, but this is common if you have newly installed your automatic opener.

Seek Help from Legion Garage Doors!

Automatic openers are simple electronic devices, but they get faulty for various reasons.

Hence, repairing automatic openers is quite complicated, especially if you don’t know how to fix electronic devices.

If the problem with your garage door still exists after doing the repairs above, it’s time to leave the job to the professionals.

If you’re in Edmonton, call Legion Garage Doors, and we will promptly cater to you.

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