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Choosing the best commercial overhead door for your business makes a huge difference. It gives a professional look to anyone who notices your overhead door.

What’s more, overhead doors are the most used equipment in your business. If they start to malfunction, they can ruin the operation of your business.

This post will talk about different types of commercial overhead doors, why you need them, and when to call for a commercial garage door installation and repair.

Different Types of Commercial Overhead Doors

Sectional Doors

Sectional doors have 4 to 5 horizontal panels that roll above when you open the door. They can be made of steel, wood, or aluminum.

They are commonly used in extensive facilities such as fire stations, retail stores, and commercial garages. You can customize them by having windows and insulation.

Roll-up Doors

These doors are made of steel rolls that gather into a coil when you open them. You can see them in mini and large storage facilities and warehouses. They protect the front portion of the storage units.

They also take less space. What’s more, these doors are durable and secure to keep the content of your buildings safe from any external dangers.

If you want an overhead door for safety, durability, and easy installation, roll-up doors are your best choice. You can also watch here for the installation guide.

Insulated Garage Doors

Whether it’s residential or commercial, any type of garage door has an insulation feature if you want to add it.

Regardless if it’s winter or summer, insulated garage doors will regulate the temperature of your garage.

They help keep the energy costs down, which is good news for every business. They are also thicker than regular garage doors, which makes them durable.

If you’re looking for a sturdy and energy-saving garage door, an insulated one may be the one for you.

Advantages of Commercial Overhead Doors

Installing a commercial overhead door for your establishment is the best choice you’ll ever make. Moreover, these are the reasons why you should install them for your building:

  1. Saves space

Unlike traditional residential garage doors that open inwards, commercial ones lift to hold the parts above. This allows for more space for the building, which a business can take advantage of.

They can also be the best choice for distribution and logistics facilities because there is a space for loading and unloading goods.

You can even put forklifts and large trucks within the facility because the commercial doors do not take a lot of space.

  1. Security

Aside from being highly accessible, you need to have unbeatable security on your garage door. Thus, they will protect the building without a doubt.

These doors have a locking mechanism and an automated system to make sure you can operate the door safely and securely.

By pressing the remote, you can open and close the overhead door. When you close it, you can secure it with a lock to make sure no one can enter the building outside business hours.

  1. Durable

Commercial overhead doors come with durable materials such as aluminum and steel to ensure they can withstand any external threats and elements.

Don’t worry about early damages with commercial overhead doors as they last longer than traditional ones.

  1. Versatile

You can use commercial overhead doors in many ways.

You can use them to allow one part of the building to receive enough sunlight and air while connecting to the other areas. The result is a large and versatile space.

  1. Insulation

If you want your building to be insulated, you can add this feature to your commercial overhead door.

Insulation helps balance the temperature inside your building, whether the outside temperature is cold or hot.

You can talk with a commercial garage door repair in Edmonton to incorporate this into your door.

Receive the Best Installation and Repair in Edmonton!

We hope you’re finally convinced about getting a garage door for your facility. If you need assistance, call Legion Garage Doors, and we will help you with commercial garage door installation and repair.

However, if you have an existing commercial overhead door, you need to spot these issues before we fix what is necessary:

  • The door has opening and closing issues.
  • The door is producing strange noises.
  • The door is sagging.
  • The door is uneven or off-track.

Call us to receive the best commercial garage door installation and repair in Edmonton!

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