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    Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

    Garage doors are used almost on a daily basis, summing it up to about a total of more than a thousand open and close cycles per year.

    This single fact gives us a whole lot more reasons why we need to take good care of our individual garage doors.

    Garage doors provide us with a lot of benefits and added protection and the least we can do for it is to not take it for granted.

    And when we say taking good care of it, it means doing regularly scheduled maintenance for its multiple parts and components.

    However, sadly, a lot of garage door owners neglect to provide their garage doors with proper maintenance.

    Proper maintenance is important because it is during maintenance that we are able to spot what is about to go wrong with our garage doors, it is during maintenance we are provided the opportunity to clean our garage doors and lubricate them, and lastly, it is because of maintenance that we are able to prolong the expected life spans of our garage door and its different parts.

    If we take our garage doors for granted, what will happen is it will lead to the doors suddenly breaking down on us.

    And you do not want this happening to you as it can be quite troublesome.

    Now that we have established the importance of providing garage door maintenance, how do we do this?

    Well, there are two ways you can accomplish this, either you do the maintenance activities yourself or leave it to a trained professional.

    However, of the two, it is still best and well recommended to contact a professional to assist you with this task.

    If you prefer performing the maintenance yourself, then there are some things you should remember and know.

    And with that in mind, we have compiled a garage door maintenance checklist for you to help you out with the task.

    Check your garage door’s physical condition

    When we say check your garage doors’ physical condition, we mean your door and the different components that comprise it.

    Your garage door is working and moving thanks to the different mechanisms that allow it to so it is only fair and just that you include them when checking for worn out or broken parts — after all, they are a part of your garage doors.

    You can begin with your garage door panels as a whole since this part is what’s exposed to uncontrollable factors the most. Check for signs of wearing out such as cracks and the like.

    After that, check the other parts and components of your garage doors such as the tracks, rollers, hinges, sensors, spring, cable, etc.

    Make sure that they are all in good condition.

    If any problems are found, you may try and attempt to fix them with the help of DIY tutorials you can find online or contact the closest garage door repair company near you and ask for assistance.

    Check your garage door’s balance

    Another thing you should definitely look out for is your garage door’s balance or symmetry.

    Garage doors were designed to be symmetric and balanced for a reason, so that the different parts and components helping carry the weight of the door are not overloaded with too much force.

    So if your garage doors are unbalanced then it could be a sign that something wrong must be going on with your garage doors.

    Not only has that, but your garage doors should also be able to hold up your garage door in place when opening the doors.

    To check on this, all you need to do is disconnect the opener and open your garage door halfway.

    After doing so, see if both sides are symmetrical and perfectly balanced as well as if it can hold and carry its weight on its own just fine.

    Applying lubrication on moving parts

    One of the best ways of taking good care of your garage doors is lubricating its moving parts and that is exactly why this should be included in your garage door maintenance checklist.

    Applying lubrication can do more good and provide more benefits than you initially thought, one being the fact that doing so can extend the life expectancy of your garage door’s parts.

    Now, there are different lubricants available in the market such as oil-based lubricants, lithium-based lubricants, or silicone-based lubricants, so make sure you get one that is compatible with your garage doors.

    Whatever type of lubricant you end up using, just make sure that you lubricate all the moving parts of your garage door without missing a single one.

    Doing so will make sure that your garage door’s efficiency is improved and your door parts’ lifespan is prolonged.

    Check your garage door’s safety features

    After doing all the needed adjustments and tasks, make sure to check your garage door’s safety features.

    Every existing garage doors have their safety features to make sure that accidents and injuries can be prevented as much as possible.

    Now, after having tinkered with your garage door for maintenance purposes, you might have disabled a few of these safety features.

    Your overhead garage door’s safety features can vary depending on your set-up so make sure to find out all about the different safety features that come with your garage door and check them one by one.

    Test your garage door’s basic functions

    Last but not least, check your garage door’s basic functions and operations.

    After maintaining your garage doors, you must make sure that everything is in the right place and is working well so you have to check if the door functions as it should.

    Fortunately for you, this is very easy to do.

    All you need to do is make sure that your garage door opens and closes and all the other features that come with your garage door are operational without any problems.


    Maintaining your garage doors can help a lot in making sure that they function longer than expected.

    All it needs is a little bit of your effort and time.

    If you are doing all kinds of maintenance activities for your garage door, hopefully, this garage door maintenance checklist has helped you a lot in making sure that you do not miss anything.

    However, if things get harder than expected like having the need to replace a complex part like your spring or cable, then make sure to seek assistance from a trained professional.

    If you are in Edmonton and are looking for a trustworthy and reliable garage door repair company around the area, then look no more, Legion Garage Doors is here for you.

    Our company provides and caters to all kinds of garage door related services such as garage door installation, repair, and maintenance.

    We are also available to provide 24/7 garage door repair and maintenance services which means that if you need us, our lines will always be open and available for you.

    You do not have to wait for morning to have your garage doors fixed, and can have them fixed right away.

    Your garage door is an important part of your day to day life.

    Make sure to value it more and provide it with more care that it deserves.

    Give us a call and let’s see what we can do to help you out.

    What are you waiting for? Contact us now!

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