Why Would My Garage Door Randomly Open

It is no rare occurrence for a garage door to suddenly experience an abnormality in its daily functioning.

A million things could cause it, but a million things is rather a stretch, no?

While the most appropriate course of action would be to acquire the knowing help of a professional hand at the first sign of damage, some homeowners, particularly those more frugal than most, would rather have things contained on their own.

Given that these humongous doors weigh an expected amount of pounds (usually a hundred or more), it’s plain to see why a reasonable majority would opt for others to do the fixing for them.

Being subjected to the daunting task of carrying these huge slabs of metal or wood isn’t something one would hope for on a fine summer afternoon.

A garage door suddenly opening on its own could mean a million things for a homeowner.

It could be a call to respond to responsibility or just an indication that something has already reached its expected date.

Nonetheless, nothing is too hard to solve if one’s got the right stuff for the job.

As such, this article seeks to provide several pointers on the matter at hand and to answer the question: why would my garage door randomly open?

Reason One: Remote Control and Wall Opener

The remote control that is used to open the garage door from the car is labeled as the transmitter.

This is because it has the ability to transmit the signal to the door in order to open it.

You have to ensure that all the transmitters that you use to open as well as close the garage door are properly working.

Pay attention to the button that might be sticking permanently.

Moreover, do not forget to check the wall openers.

The buttons might be stuck, which can cause the signal to be disrupted and the garage door to operate by itself randomly.

Ensure that the transmitters that you use in order to open and close the garage door are working smoothly.

Reason Two: Frequency and Codes

The signal that is transmitted in order to open the garage door makes use of a specific frequency as well as code in order to travel through and reach the opener.

There is a probability that a neighbor might be utilizing the same frequency or code for their garage door opener.

However, this problem might only occur in old garage door openers that were previously programmed through positioning clips.

You will need to have the garage door opener programmed to a different frequency or code.

Each manufacturer for garage door openers has various ways of reprogramming or switching the frequency.

Hence, you need to reach out to a garage door professional just to make sure that the frequencies, as well as codes, are programmed properly without disruptions.

Reason Three: Debris and Dirt

The garage door has a safety feature that is known to be a reversing mechanism.

It is due to the sensor that is located near the bottom of the garage, directly where the door is shut.

The sensor is created to keep people as well valuables safe from being squished by the door.

This is because when something is sensed or detected by the sensors, the door automatically reverses and opens back up again.

While it ensures safety, it can also be disruptive to the owners.

This is due to the fact that when the garage door closes and the sensor detects debris, it will immediately activate the safety feature.

Make sure that the garage is free of any debris or item that might prevent the garage door from closing down.

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