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 Nowadays, some homeowners consider buying a used garage door because it is way more affordable.

However, there are significant factors like quality and functionality, that should be considered before purchasing a second hand garage door.

Most used garage doors have defects and it could cost you more expenses for the repairs.

After all, utilizing the function of a garage door will eventually lead to wearing out of the mechanical parts.

Thus, we, the Legion Garage Doors are here to familiarize you with the pros and cons of buying a used garage door.

It is vital that you learn first the risks you are taking before purchasing a new product for your property.

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Factors to Consider when you Buy a Used Garage Door

It is unlikely for garage door experts to recommend their clients to buy a used garage door.

Although up front it seems more affordable, the repairs and replacements could cost you greatly.

To elaborate more on the details, here are important factors that you should learn first before buying a used garage door.

Size and Space

Size is an essential factor because the garage door that you will buy should properly fit the entryway of your garage or else, it won’t be useful.

Check if the door has the exact size, particularly the clearance space above the door.

And if you want to add a garage door opener, ascertain that there is an additional space of clearance about two inches.

Similarly, your garage should have proper space for the tracks, opener, and weather stripping.

Under no circumstance you should buy a garage door that is smaller or bigger than your garage’s entryway.

Improper fitting of the door could result in fracturing your garage door which eventually leads to accidents or expensive garage door repairs.

Proper Function and Good Insulation

Another factor that must be considered is how your target garage door is working.

Check if the mechanical parts are still working such as the springs, tracks, cables, and rollers which have vital roles in the operation of the garage door.

Make sure that these parts are original and have minimal rust.

You can also ask the seller to show you how the garage door currently functions.

Wall insulation of the door should be noted as well because it is responsible for keeping the temperature inside your garage moderated.

The downside is a properly insulated garage door cannot be distinguished easily unless you disassemble the parts.

Thus, it will take a huge risk buying a second hand garage door because you cannot be 100% sure if it’s working properly until you install it to your place and check how it operates for a few days.

Design and Value

Garage doors last for more than a decade that’s why most homeowners choose to purchase a brand new one that adds aesthetic appeal to their house to increase the value of their property.

If you are thinking about selling your house in the future, it would be difficult to find a used garage door that matches your taste and the curb of your house.

It is better to purchase a brand new garage door that can be built based on the design you like and will add more value to your place.


You might find it difficult to install a used garage door because it will require skills and knowledge about the tools and components.

This type of job should be carried out by professional technicians who can fix and set up an old garage door to another property.

You can also try DIY Garage door installation, but it would be time-consuming and taxing.


Most second hand garage doors have expired warranty which is another con for buying one.

When you purchase a new garage door, it is assured that there is a one year warranty included and maintenance services.

In Legion Garage Doors, you can find affordable brand new garage doors which can be installed by our reputable and professional technicians.

Tips in Buying a Used Garage Door

Buying a used garage door is still a practical move since it will significantly cost you less than the new ones.

However, you should carefully look into the product and at least choose the best one with a good deal.

Thus, if you are still considering buying a secondhand door, follow these simple tips to have a functional garage door:

  1. Do not buy garage doors 10 years older.
  • Buying a garage door that lasted more than 10 years has more damages and rusted parts.
  • The newer ones are better because some of them have upgraded features in terms of security and sensor.
  • Pick out the garage door that has less issues and damages to avoid expensive repairs.
  1. Do not buy used wooden garage doors
  • Garage doors made of wooden materials are very high maintenance.
  • If you like carriage houses or wooden designs, it is best to inquire garage door companies that sell affordable yet brand new wooden garage doors.
  • Old wood garage doors are susceptible to damages such as molds and maggots.
  1. Prepare extra budget for garage door repairs
  • You should expect that used garage doors are more vulnerable and have current issues.
  • Therefore, you must prepare an extra budget for repair expenses in order to have a functional garage door.

Bottom Line – Legion Garage Doors is the Answer

Are you looking for a high-quality yet affordable garage door?

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Let’s put an end to that confusion because Legion Garage Doors is the answer to all your garage door problems.

Yes, used garage doors are way more affordable than installing a new one.

However, you should keep in mind that old garage doors are way more high maintenance because they are susceptible to damages whereas, it would lead you to expensive garage door repairs.

Thus, we, the Legion Garage Doors, would love to show you our high-quality yet budget-friendly brand new garage doors.

Moreover, our products include support and warranty where you can access several services such as proper garage door maintenance!

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