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    How To Repair A Broken Garage Door Cable

    Garage doors are very important parts of our daily lives and as such, when they break down, they can be quite a hassle.

    There are multiple reasons as to why your garage doors malfunction or break down on you, but today, we will be dealing with broken garage door cables.

    Garage door cables are very important components of your garage doors.

    Much like your garage door springs, your garage door cables help in lifting your garage doors open and in keeping them open.

    Together with your garage door spring, they make it possible to move your garage doors.

    However, being such, it also means that they are twice the trouble when they break down, causing accidents and the like if left unattended.

    But exactly how can you repair your broken garage door cables?

    To address your question, here are some tips and tricks that you can refer to and aid you with your how to repair a broken garage door cable problem.

    Preparing for the task

    So, are you excited to learn how to repair a broken garage door cable?

    Well, before that, there are things we need to know first to better help us with the job at hand such as what garage door cables are, how they work, and the different tools you’ll need to get the job done.

    Garage door cables are components of your garage door’s mechanical system that helps to lift and support your garage door’s weight, very much like your garage door spring.

    Basically, they are what winds up your garage door spring which in turn accumulates torque power that is to be used to open your garage doors.

    Without both components and having only one of the components, your garage door will end up not functioning at all.

    Now, there are three types of cables being used for overhead garage doors, lifting cables, retaining cables, and emergency release cables.

    Depending on the cable that you need to be repaired, the approach may differ significantly.

    Whichever type of cable you need to have repaired, you will need the following tools to help you out on the job at hand:

    • Replacement cables
    • Visor clips
    • Ladder

    With these three tools at hand and available for usage, repairing your garage door cables is made easier and more efficient.

    Replacing your broken garage door cable

    Now that everything is all set and prepared, it is now time to tackle the main problem at hand, replacing your broken garage doors.

    Replacing your garage door’s cables can be quite easy to do however, due to its risky nature, it is still best to leave this task to a trained professional for the job.

    If done incorrectly, your garage doors may end up falling on you after all.

    However, if you insist on doing so, then here are the things you need to know if ever you find the need to replace your broken garage door cables.

    1. Unplug your garage door opener and detach it from your garage door

    The first thing you need to do is unplugging your opener from the power source and making sure that it is properly detached from your overhead garage door.

    Doing so ensures your safety by preventing your garage doors from suddenly opening or closing.

    And not only will that but doing this also allow you to lift open your garage doors manually which is definitely essential when doing repairs with your garage door.

    2. Completely open your overhead garage doors manually

    After having disconnected your garage door opener, you are now able to manually open your garage doors by exerting a bit of effort.

    Now, what you need to do is open your garage doors completely.

    Once it is open, make sure that your doors are clamped using the visor clamps just a few distances from the bottom of your garage doors.

    You will need to have your garage doors opened so that no tension is stored on your garage door cables during the repair procedure and the clamps are needed to keep you safe and make sure that your doors do not suddenly fall on you.

    3. Replacing your broken garage door cables

    After having all the safety precautions in place, you may now proceed to replace your broken garage door cables.

    Depending on the cable you want to be replaced with, the way to do them may vary significantly.

    However, there are general steps common to all kinds of garage door cables.

    The first thing you need to do to replace your broken garage door cables is to have them removed and you can do this by loosening whatever is holding your garage door cables.

    Once loose, unwind the cable from your overhead garage door’s drums and if possible, remove them completely.

    After successfully removing the broken cables, it is now time to have the replacement cables installed in place.

    Attach the new cables to your garage door’s drum and make sure to wind them tightly in place then fix the other end of the cable to the bottom of your overhead doors.

    Once done, make sure to test the functionality of your garage door, if it is working well, and as expected with the newly installed garage door cables.

    Also, make sure to check if both sides of your garage door are balanced and not leaning towards the other.

    For a better understanding of the entire replacement procedure, you may refer to the video below to help you out.


    Dealing with your broken garage door cables can be very difficult to do, however, as long as you follow the procedures diligently, then you should be able to do it just fine.

    However, having a trained professional over to help you deal with the problem is still the best way to go.

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