Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

We all know that garage doors are responsible for keeping our property safe and secure from thieves.

But did you know that garage doors have something to do with the cleanliness and temperature inside your property too?

Yes, if you are a homeowner, you probably notice that your garage has minimal dirt or rodent droppings if the door is properly closed.

Weather stripping or weather seals are responsible for keeping away the external dirt, leaving the insides of your property clean and spotless.

It also keeps out water, wind and other unwanted intruders from coming inside your garage.

Weather stripping can be found at the bottom part of the garage door so that when you close the door it will reach the floor perfectly.

However, damaged weather stripping will allow dirt and water to come inside your garage.

And if the damages get worse, the concrete driveway can crack, creating large daps below the door that even standard seals cannot cover.

If you are experiencing this kind of problem, you should call a professional garage door expert to replace the seals in your garage door.

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For more information, continue reading this article on how to install garage door weather stripping.

What is the Importance of Weather Stripping?

Based on the name itself, a weather seal keeps the weather out from your house.

During extreme weather, the seals protect your belongings from the wind, rain, snow, and even hail storms.

When your garage door is closed, it leaves a small inch of room around and the weather seal should cover that part.

It can cause some serious damage to your garage door when there is gapping or small cracks on the seals.

There is a chance that the mechanical components of your garage door will freeze during cold or rainy weather because the water and wind can easily pass through the cracks/gaps.

Freezing of garage door parts will eventually lead to cracking or breaking thus, it is important to have seals to save the garage door from malfunctioning.

Moreover, garage door seals also protect you and your family’s health by preventing accidents when you drive out of your garage and moderating the temperature inside your place.

When do I need to replace my Weather Seals?

The weather strippings eventually wear out overtime since we utilize garage doors almost everyday for a hundred times.

That’s why it is essential to replace them from time to time in order to avoid accidents and further damages on your garage door.

Now, the question is when do you need to replace the weather seals?

Here is a list of reasons that you need to change the seals:

  1. When you observe a small pool of water inside or near your garage door.
  2. When you notice small drafts or dirt such as leaves, insects, coming through the garage door.
  3. When the bottom or metal part of your garage door is starting to rust.
  4. When you notice cracks on the concrete floor.

If you are experiencing any of the situations above, you should address the situation right away.

Call for an emergency garage door repair to professionally replace the weatherstripping.

DIY Weatherstripping Installation

Replacing your garage door weather seal is not as complicated as the other garage door repair activities.

Normally, a homeowner who has handyman skills can definitely do the job properly by following safety precautions and correct instructions.

We don’t want any accidents to happen during the installation thus, it is essential to follow these simple rules:

  1. Determine the model of your garage door, the appropriate type of weather seals needed, and gather all the necessary tools.
  2. Raise the door to a height that is reachable and take measurements to know how much weatherstripping you will be needing.

Note: Do not remove the weatherstripping unless you are ready to put on the new ones.

  1. Use a screwdriver and take your time to remove the gasket from the door.

After you remove the gasket, slowly back the screws so that you won’t damage the door.

  1. Then carefully insert the new gasket that should slide properly into the bracket where the old gasket was in.

Remove any excess trim before closing the garage door, but make sure not cut off too much.

  1. Put back all the screws and make sure not to create new screw holes because those can only give room for damages.

Once you are done, test the garage door if it opens and closes fittingly and correctly with the new weatherstripping.

Contact Legion Garage Doors for a Professional Weather Seal Replacement

It must be frustrating when the weatherstripping of your garage door suddenly comes off and no one at your home knows how to replace it.

Instead of doing the job on your own and risking your safety, you can hire garage door experts to replace the seals for you.

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During wet seasons, a single drop of water can travel to internal parts of your garage door.

Due to this, wear and tear or deterioration is inevitable and cannot be avoided.

But, you can prevent any water from passing through your door by installing a garage door weatherstrip.

A garage door seal is effective and efficient during rainy periods as it reroutes the water to the outside and prevents it from damaging the other components of your door.

But installing a garage door seal is a little tricky as you need to place it correctly and precisely.

However, you don’t need to worry anymore as we are here to give you tips on installing a garage door weather stripping.

Additionally, at Legion Garage Doors, we offer hardware installation, door repair, and replacement service.

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Advantage Of Investing In A Garage Door Seal

A garage door seal can help contain the air during window operation and even moisture.

Additionally, a weather strip stops the outside rain from penetrating your garage door and windows as it reroutes the water to different locations.

Moreover, a garage door seal gives more comfort to your property as it traps the cool or warm air during extreme weather conditions.

By containing cool and warm air inside your property, your appliance such as HVAC will avoid working so hard in keeping the right temperature in your house.

Due to this, it can reduce your monthly energy bill, and you can save a lot of money in the long run.

Furthermore, a garage door weatherstrip can enhance your door’s operational performance as you can operate them more stable than usual

So having a weatherstrip in your garage door can provide many advantages for garage owners.

If you don’t know how to do the installation process, you can ask for help from a professional garage door technician to install one.

Materials You Need For Installing A Garage Door Seal

As I mentioned earlier, a weatherstrip is vital to keep the moisture and water out from penetrating your door components.

The weather seal, also known as weatherstripping, is essential to keep the water and air penetrating your garage.

If you have worn a weather seal, here is the step-by-step process of replacing it.

First, you will need the following to place a garage door seal on your door correctly.

  1. Buy a new weather seal.
  2. Retainer and Screws.
  3. Wrench and screwdriver.
  4. A basin with hot water.
  5. Dishwashing liquid or soap.
  6. Scissors.
  7. Assistant to help you.

Before you begin this project, a simple tip: Ensure to buy the proper garage door seal for the retainer.

If you don’t know what a retainer is, it is the metal strip that you can find at the bottom of your garage door.

That’s why if you bought the wrong weatherstrip, you need to repeat the process.

So, you better choose the correct one.

Another thing is if you’re not sure if it’s the right time to replace your old retainer, check its appearance.

If you notice that it becomes rusty, you need to consider buying a new one for your door.

Step-by-step Method

The first step is to remove your old rusty rubber seal by pulling it out from the garage door track.

Ensure to clean the retainer using the dishwashing soap to remove the residue, dirt, and grimes.

Make sure the retainer is dry enough for the next step.

Do not skip this step, as this will guide you to install your new weather seal correctly.

Afterwards, get again your dishwashing soap and pour some of it to lubricate the new retainer.

Install the new weather seal into your garage door track and ask your assistant to help you pull down the retainer.

Cut out the excess garage door seal using scissors.

If you observe extra caps on the track, you use them to place them on the ends of your garage door.

Re-engage the track to your garage door while your assistant holds the part.


If you need some help installing a weather seal, you can call Legion Garage Doors.

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