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    How to Install Garage Door Cables

    There may come a time when homes will need or require a particular machine or mechanism.

    This is because the needs of the family constantly change and are oftentimes upgraded whenever time passes by.

    That is why items and appliances in the home are often upgraded to cater to the needs and want of the residents.

    For instance, old appliances are chucked out to get new ones.

    This is also one of the guilty pleasures of homeowners out there.

    When it comes to the garage door, installing new parts to ensure its functionality is essential.

    It gives us the guarantee that it will continue to function properly for a long period of time.

    One of the parts that need utmost functionality is the garage door cable.

    It acts as a support system for the springs.

    Hence, it is constantly under a lot of pressure and tension.

    As such, it can either snap, wear, or tear after a time.

    Given that, installing new cables might be warranted after a long while.

    With that in mind, here are some notes on how to install garage door cables.

    Shop for a new cable

    In essence, you will need various types of cables to be able to ensure that the garage door is running smoothly and properly.

    Torsion Springs

    A standard torsion spring garage door cable usually has a 7×7 strand and a ⅛-inch of thickness.

    As a result, it means that there are about seven strands in one bundle.

    These seven bundles are then twisted together in order to form a cable that has a diameter of about ⅛ inch.

    The cables have a strong capacity that can carry a weight of about 1,650 pounds.

    However, these cables are not necessarily flexible and may produce noise through rubbing when they wind around the cable drum as the door opens fully.

    Extension Springs

    Extension garage door cable springs are usually in a standard 3/32-inch.

    They can carry plenty of weight at about 950 pounds.

    Since the extension spring is equipped with more moving parts compared to a torsion spring, there’s a far greater risk of being frayed.

    An extension spring cable usually has thinner cable strands and has far greater flexibility that has more than twice of a weight capacity that can hold at about 1,950 pounds.

    Safety Cables

    One of the cables that need to be installed within a garage door is safety cables.

    They are utilized to restrain the extension spring whenever the cable or the spring itself breaks.

    Thus, they run along the center of the extension spring and are mounted off at both ends of the spring.

    The safety cables are necessary to prevent damages and injuries to the valuable items stored in the garage and to the residents around.

    Get to know your garage door

    Before you install the garage door cables, obtain a rough measurement first of the springs in both length and diameter.

    Also, ensure that you get the width as well as the height of the door.

    Make sure that These measurements are accurate so that the right cables are brought in.

    Wear the right clothes and gear

    The first rule to starting any installation or repair for a garage door is to arm yourself with the appropriate clothing and gear.

    It is to ensure your safety as you are made vulnerable to the risks of injury and harm while you work.

    Make sure that the clothes do not get in the way of your work and you are well protected with your gear.

    Call for Experts

    If you are in doubt about how to install garage door cables, it is best to ask a professional for help.

    With that said, it is better to let the experts handle the situation. As such, let us handle your garage door problems! If you are looking for help regarding the installation of your garage door cable, call us now for better results!

    We are licensed professionals who are experts at the job.

    We guarantee you quality and exceptional results in whatever services you require.

    Simply contact us now to experience great service.

    Do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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