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    How To Increase Garage Door Opener Range

    Garage door openers are necessary components of overhead garage doors because, without them, we would still be opening our doors manually.

    With garage door openers, you no longer have to lift your garage doors yourself.

    The great thing about garage door openers is their capability to open and close your garage doors with just a click of a button on your remote.

    And not only can that, the other different functionalities of your garage doors, if there are any, also be controlled by that same remote.

    The only downside about this technology is the fact that it has a very limited range, and once you exceed this said range, your remotes will no longer be able to communicate with your garage door opener.

    Even with the limited range and all, there is still the possibility that this said range would decrease even further.

    When this happens, it can be very troublesome especially for the involved parties.

    So, to help these people, here are some things you can do about how to increase garage door opener range and everything else you need to know about them.

    What are garage door openers?

    Garage door openers are mechanical components of your overhead garage door that help in the basic functions of the door such as opening and closing.

    With this opener technology, opening your garage door is now made a lot easier.

    Basically, they function by having the motors drive your garage door’s trolleys, winding your garage door torsion springs, and eventually lifting open your garage doors.

    Your garage door opener can become operational in two different ways, either through your garage door’s wall-mounted switch or your garage door’s remote.

    Both options function in the exact same way, powering up your garage door opener to lift open your garage doors.

    With an average garage door opener, the expected range of the antenna is around 25 feet under the best conditions.

    As long as nothing seems to be interrupting your signal and the like, this expected range can be realized.

    Increasing your garage door opener’s range

    Normally, there will be no need to further improve your garage door opener’s range.

    However, due to uncontrollable factors, it may seem as if your opener’s range is slowly decreasing over time.

    When this happens, of course, you will want to find a way to return things as they used to.

    In order to increase your garage door opener’s range, you must be able to identify what is affecting the said existing garage door opener range and act upon it accordingly.

    Without further ado, here are some of the things that may be causing your garage door opener’s range to fluctuate and the different things you can do to deal with them respectively.

    The topmost reason as to why your garage door’s range seems to be decreasing can be because your remote no longer has enough power on its batteries to keep them functioning at its peak condition.

    In order to fully utilize your remote’s specifications, you will need to have the required power to do so.

    The first thing you should do when you encounter this kind of problem is to try changing your garage door remote’s batteries with newer ones.

    If replacing the battery of your garage door remote did not do the trick, then it is possible that the problem is due to signal interruptions in the area.

    Although not a lot of things can interrupt your signal, heavy metals such as lead can easily do the track.

    Try checking the distance between your garage door opener and your garage door remote for anything that might interrupt your transmitted signal.

    Lastly, you may try to upgrade your garage door opener’s antennas.

    If your garage door opener comes with replaceable antennas, then the best way to improve your garage door’s range is to get new ones with an even larger range.

    Replace your antennas with ones that have better specifications overall and you should get a boost not only with your garage door’s range but with other things as well.


    There are a lot of possible reasons out there as to why your garage door openers are losing some of their range.

    With the tips and recommendations above, hopefully, you were able to resolve your standing problem regarding your garage door’s range.

    If this is not the case for you, then maybe you should try consulting with your local garage door repair company to help you out with what other things you can try out.

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