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    How To Fix A Garage Door Off Track

    When something is off track, our peace of mind is often disturbed.

    As homeowners, we only want to ensure that things around the house are working at all times.

    That is why we hire various services from technicians and repairmen to fix things that we cannot handle.

    Of course, those who are inexperienced should not tinker with things they are not experts in.

    Professionals go through training and years of education to be able to practice in a particular field, like fixing a garage door, for example.

    A garage door is one mechanism that we should not take lightly.

    When something is off, it should be taken a look at and repaired immediately.

    A garage door that is off-track may pose more problems than it should when left alone for a long time.

    It hinders the whole operation and hampers the smooth function that we are used to.

    As such, it should not be left alone.

    If you notice something is off in how it lowers down or lifts up, you should take action immediately.

    Here are some tips on how to fix a garage door off track.

    Prepare the necessary materials.

    First things first, make sure that you are well equipped with the right materials for the project.

    Equipping yourself with the proper tools and equipment for the job is essential to be able to carry out the work well.

    If not, the project will not give you success.

    Gather materials first that are needed for the job of placing the garage door back on its tracks.

    These tools include:

    • Hammer
    • Wrench
    • Pliers
    • Sawhorses
    • Woodblocks
    • Lubricant or cooking oil

    These materials will ensure that the job will be carried out smoothly.

    Disconnect the garage door opener.

    If you have an automatic garage door, you have to disconnect it from the electrical power first.

    This will ensure that the door does not come crashing on you while you work.

    Get some assistance or help to open the door manually after you have disconnected it from the garage door opener.

    Afterward, have the assistant help you in the lifting of the door and then place it on some saw horses or some wood blocks in order to keep it open.

    Observe the door.

    Before you proceed to solve the problem, it is important to diagnose it first.

    This includes observing the behavior of the door as you open it.

    Pay attention to the movement of the door, especially one where it catches on the tracks, so you will know where it is coming off the track.

    This will let you know the problem and easily come up with the solution on how to correct it.

    Keep the door up.

    Get some grips or some locking pliers to help you keep the door fully up and open.

    You can also make use of some vice grips.

    It is in addition to the use of the sawhorses as well as woodblocks for safety purposes.

    Align the garage door.

    Make use of some pliers.

    Then, simply shift the metal that is located on the edge of the tracks.

    Afterward, slip the wheels back on it.

    You can then secure the wheels into the track by knocking the edge back into shape where it was previously before the pliers were used.

    Reattach the garage door opener.

    Once the aforementioned steps have been done, make sure that the door is back on.

    Plug it back in power and observe whether it is now opening and closing smoothly once again.

    Call in the experts.

    If the above steps do not work for you on how to fix a garage door off track, then it is time to leave it to the experts.

    Professionals are better equipped with the right knowledge and tools, so they know the way best than anybody else.

    With that in mind, let us handle your garage door! As licensed experts, we know how best to work on your door.

    We are equipped with the right tools and experience.

    We are also insured to guarantee you safety in whatever we do.

    Call us now to get to know us and how we do business! Contact us today for our services.

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