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    How to Align Garage Door Sensors Chamberlain

    Check Out This Video On How to Align Garage Door Sensors

    Problems could arise for garage owners for reasons they do not know about.

    It could be a squirrel tampering with the system wirings or dust of large amounts clouding the photo-eyes lenses – a horde of circumstances that would prove troublesome to locate.

    An initial perusal would make all the difference, however.

    This evaluation could be supremely helpful in uncovering damaged items and could cut down on costs.

    Nonetheless, acquiring a professional to do the fixing could be most inviting, considering that a particular homeowner does not have the knowledge to go about repairing a malfunctioning garage door.

    Garage door sensors function with the utilization of a photo-eye system.

    These small camera-like devices are placed on either side of a garage door, usually on the far bottom, and detect the presence of any object on the path of a garage door.

    When this happens, the garage door stops itself from closing.

    Furthermore, these sensors are especially helpful in ensuring the safety of a homeowner’s other properties.

    Garage door sensors are prone to misalignment, however–something that could prove dangerous when left unattended.

    As such, this article seeks to provide several pointers on how to align garage door sensors chamberlain.

    Know the garage door sensors.

    The garage door sensors are also known as the photo eye or the safety eye of the garage door opener.

    It is a device that has the ability to detect an object that is in the path of the door.

    In a clear sense, the photo eye is the one that is capable of stopping the garage from getting into contact with a particular object or person should they get in the way of the door.

    Safety eyes, from their name, are those that provide safety as well as security to homeowners as well as residents within the property.

    Every garage door insight has two sensors featured within them.

    One of the sensors is used to send the signal while the other is used to receive it.

    As such, an invisible beam of light is utilized constantly to monitor the situation at all times.

    Hence, if there is anything that is standing within the path of the garage door, the safety sensors will command the door to reverse back up to the open position.

    Check the problem.

    You should inspect the mechanism first before attempting to adjust it.

    In diagnosis, as long as the LED lights that are equipped on the two sensors are still in full glow without occasionally flickering, the sensors remain to be working fine.

    However, if the light that is on the receiving sensor is constantly blinking, then the problem may be lying within the alignment of the garage door sensor.

    As a result, it could be that the beam of the sensor has been blocked by an object.

    Since the sensors are positioned six inches above the ground, some objects may get in their way occasionally.

    For example, because the garage is often treated as a storage room, it means that various large objects could obstruct the signal.

    The very clear symptom of a misaligned safety eye is the refusal to close the garage door.

    Instead of lowering down, the garage door will reverse and return back to its original position once you close them.

    Worse, they might not even budge from its position.

    Aligning the sensors.

    The first thing you should do when aligning the sensors is to unfasten the screws and remove the sensor from its place in the bracket.

    In some cases, a wing nut will have to be unscrewed and taken off.

    Afterward, the photo eye should be pointed in the opposite direction facing the other one.

    Then, you have to wait for ten seconds to rotate the sensor back in its original position.

    After that, run a string to link the sensors. Make sure that they are level.

    Place the wing nut back to its place and then fasten the bracket.

    Call an Expert

    If you do not trust your hands on how to align garage door sensors chamberlain, your best bet is to call an expert.

    With that said, let us handle your garage door sensors! We are professionals in the field who know best how to handle a garage door.

    Do not hesitate to reach out and do business with us!

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