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    How To Adjust Garage Door Tracks

    It is not easy to have to maintain all the items in the home.

    Oftentimes, as homeowners, we cannot hope to handle everything all by ourselves.

    This is why we often employ the services of some repair and maintenance companies to take a look at the machines that we have at home.

    This is to ensure that they are working properly at all times or are restored immediately when they fall into the malfunction.

    When it comes to technology, such a scenario cannot be helped.

    With our garage doors, it can also seem out of adjustment every once in a while.

    This type of mechanism mandates some maintenance routines that should be performed after a period of time.

    The garage door tracks, for the most part, play a significant role, especially in the lowering and the lifting of the door.

    It is because these are where the door slides in and out whenever it is in operation.

    As such, the door can be misaligned if the tracks are out of adjustment.

    To prevent that, here are some tricks on how to adjust garage door tracks.

    Unfasten the Lower Tracks

    For the first step, simply make use of a screwdriver in order to unfasten the brackets in the lower tracks.

    If you want to adjust the lower tracks, utilize a screwdriver or a wrench as an alternative in order to unfasten the screws as well as the nuts that are fastening the brackets in the lower tracks that are in place.

    Ensure that this is done on both sides on the left as well as the right track.

    Move the Tracks

    For the second step, move the tracks until a gap is noticed between the door as well as the stop molding.

    Due to the loosening of the lower track brackets, you are permitted to gently shift the tracks to move left or right in order to move the garage door itself.

    You can do this with all the tracks until a significant gap between the bottom as well as the top of the door and the crown molding can be noticed.

    This will indicate that the tracks are now properly aligned.

    If it is difficult for you to move the tracks, just position a piece of wood against the track and rap it using a hammer or a mallet.

    The pressure caused by the movement will cause the shifting of the tracks.

    Check the Tracks

    The third step, moreover, involves checking that the tracks are now at a vertical level.

    If you want your garage door to function properly, the tracks will also need to be leveled perfectly.

    If they are not, the door will not properly close, nor will it open.

    This will cause gaps that are unwanted, the buckling of the panel, and the binding of the door.

    Fasten the Tracks

    Afterward, fasten the track brackets once again.

    Make use of your own fingers to tighten the screws as well as the bolts, if any, that are holding the lower tracks brackets in their place.

    After the proper tightness has been ensured, use the screw or the wrench to make more turns.

    Check the Door

    Lastly, ensure that the door is still able to open after the project has been done.

    In order to make sure that the tracks are now properly aligned, simply open and close the garage door a couple of times.

    If the garage door is automatic, simply stand in a distance while it is opened and closed.

    If the garage door operates manually, be careful just in case, an error has been made during the adjustment process.

    If you are not sure how to do the steps mentioned above, then it is time to call in the big guns.

    This means calling for an expert.

    With that in mind, let us handle your garage door.

    We can ensure quality repairs and installations for all your garage door needs.

    As experienced professionals, we take pride in having the right license as well as insurance.

    We make sure to provide quality services as well as good results to ensure that everything is smooth and running for everyone.

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