How to Adjust Garage Door Cable Tension

Garage doors, while seemingly impregnable, are just as susceptible to damage as the next standard home door.

They may also appear uncomplicated but are ones whose system requires a thorough perusal to understand.

Given that these massive doors weigh a hefty 350 pounds on average, having someone with considerable knowledge of its intricacies solve any of the complications it may have would be a prospect most appealing.

However, costs for repair may be too costly for other homeowners.

Frugality is a common ground for most economical individuals; hence, the propensity for others to look for other means that doesn’t mean huge bucks for something a quick tug could fix.

Garage door cables assume a vital role in the workings of the mentioned doors.

Without these cables, the opening and closing of garage doors wouldn’t be possible.

Moreover, being subjected to high and intense tension daily, garage door cables are prone to coming loose, worse, breaking.

Again, when garage doors face complications, the most enticing thing to do would be to hire a professional.

There are things that appear simpler than most make it out to be, however.

As such, this article seeks to relieve homeowners of the dispiriting ordeal of having to spend money.

Forthwith, here are several pointers on how to adjust garage door cable tension.

Close the garage door.

If you have an automatic garage door, simply have it close itself using the remote control.

Make sure that it is fully shut.

If you do not have an opener, simply close it manually.

If the cables are uneven, it may result in a small gap that divides the bottom of the garage door and the ground.

Despite that, have the door close as much as possible.

Do not attempt to force the door to close if you notice a small gap.

Release the emergency cord.

An emergency cord is usually a red rope that has to be pulled to release the cord from the track.

At the bottom of the trolley track that is located on the ceiling of the garage is a little box that is used o operate the garage door opener.

In there, drag the red cord down that is dangling from it until the door is disengaged from the track.

Take note, however, that the rope should not be yanked or jerked as it could potentially damage the opener.

Moreover, the door may not fully disconnect from the track if it is not able to close completely.

Hence, have someone assist you.

Open the door fully.

In order to do this, you have to lift the door using your hands.

Then, take hold of the bottommost part of the door and then lift it up.

It should be handled with a good grip so it can follow along the trolley of the track.

Furthermore, you should continue raising the door until it is fully open as much as it can.

Make sure that the cables or springs are not misaligned or otherwise off the tracks as it can result in difficulty in opening the door.

Keep the door open.

Make use of some c-clamps to make sure that the garage door is clamped down and stays in the open.

Some automatic garage doors are equipped with clamps that are positioned near the edge of the track that is used to secure the door.

You can attach these clamps to the track that is located below the roller.

Adjust the cable.

Wrap the cable on the left side of the pulley and make sure that it is flushed against it.

Do the same thing if you are positioned on the right side.

Wind the cable really tight using your hands.

When the garage door is reconnected to the garage door, the cable itself will wind tighter as the spring continues to put tension on it.

Call an expert.

An expert will know better on how to adjust garage door cable tension.

As such, it is best if you let us handle your garage door.

As professionals in the job, we are more experienced as well as knowledgeable.

We take pride in our ability to provide quality services and offerings.

Contact us and talk to us! Call us now for a great service.

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