Garage Door Opens by Itself

Over the years, garage doors have become a necessary part of our day to day lives and without them, our lives would be a whole lot different.

We would lose the kind of security that we enjoy nowadays plus it would be very hard to protect our valuables, belongings, or assets as they would all be out in the open without any overhead garage door to protect them at all.

There are two main things that your overhead garage doors do mainly, opening and closing themselves.

Now, opening and closing your overhead garage doors can be fairly easy to do, all you need to do is press a button or a switch on your garage door’s wall-mounted panel.

So when the garage door opens by itself, it can be quite a surprise and problematic.

If you find yourself in a situation such as this, then here are some of the most common reasons why this is happening and what you can do about it.

1. Faulty garage door sensors

First on the list is the possibility that this may be happening because of your garage door sensors.

Now, garage door sensors are mainly used for safety purposes such as making sure that nothing is injured when closing your garage doors and such.

Garage door sensors function by emitting an infrared beam of light towards the receiver sensor and when something is obstructing the way of the beam’s path, it automatically instructs the garage door openers to stop closing and instead reverse the function and open the garage doors again.

This is a really great function however if it functions even when nothing should be obstructing its path, it can be really problematic especially for the involved parties.

The first thing you should do if you find yourself in a situation like this is to check your garage door sensors and the area around them.

Keep in mind that even the slightest detection of obstructions such as snow, leaves, or dirt in its way can trigger this response.

Make sure that nothing is blocking your sensor’s pathway and everything should go back to normal.

If this doesn’t work, try realigning your overhead garage door sensors or check for any possible reasons for what could be causing the obstruction between your sensors.

If nothing else seems to work, you can try having your garage door sensors replaced as well.

2. Defective garage door opener button

Another reason why your garage door opens by itself suddenly even after you close them could be due to the buttons that control the open and close function of your door being held down for some reason.

When this happens, since the button is permanently pushed down, when you close your garage doors, it is opened again by the lodged garage door ‘open’ button.

And since the ‘open’ button is stuck and held down permanently, that explains why your garage doors suddenly open from time to time.

In order to fix this problem, check the area around the button and make sure that there is no debris or anything of the like lodged near the edges of your garage door’s ‘open’ button.

You may also clean the entire housing in order to prevent the same thing from happening with other control buttons of your overhead garage door.

And before calling it a day, also check the wirings of your opener’s button for any damages, and if there are, make sure to deal with them right away.

3. Garage door remote problem

If the above suggestions do not do anything at all, then it is possible that the problems may be related to your remote at all.

Although uncommon, it is possible that your garage doors are opening by themselves because you are using the same frequency and code as your neighbor’s garage doors.

So whenever they open their garage doors, then your garage doors open as well.

You can try and communicate with your neighbors if this is indeed the case and do some experimenting with them to confirm your theory.

If this is indeed the case, then reprogram and change the code that your garage door’s remote and opener are using.

Doing so should solve the problem for you.

Now once you are done, make sure to check with your neighbor if they can still open your overhead garage doors using their remote and if they can’t, then the case is solved.


When your garage door opens by itself, it can be really alarming especially if you do not have any idea why this is happening at all.

After all, it involves the safety and privacy of your homes.

If even after doing the above-mentioned troubleshooting suggestions things still do not work out for you, then it may be best to ask for assistance from a trained professional.

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