A garage door should always be in its top condition to function perfectly.

An opener or motor is a vital component of your door that you can use to open and close your garage door quickly.

If you have a newly built garage and don’t want to spend money on installation service, you’re on the right page.

In this article, we will talk about chamberlain garage door installation.

We will help you step-by-step on how to install an opener system inside your garage.

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Benefits of garage door opener

Convenience is the number one advantage of the door opener system for garage owners.

You don’t need to get out of your vehicle to open your garage by having this motor.

You can just use your remote controller to open the door and get your car inside quickly.

Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Installation Process

  1. First, you should continuously open and close your door to verify its movement.
  2. Before you get started, set aside the vital parts of your garage door in an area where you can easily see.
  3. Locate the rail from the back of your garage door motor unit and organize it.
  4. Engage the pulley at the rail, slip it inside the slot, and secure it using the bolts and washer.
  5. Place the garage door belt or chain at the idler pulley.
  6. Make sure that you put it in the correct position.
  7. Connect the garage door trolley to the trail and make sure it’s pointing upward.
  8. Next, connect the rail part to the brackets using a large bolt with a nut.
  9. You can now proceed to the garage door header, where it will become the primary support of the end rail.
  10. Afterward, get your metal door opener bracket, then connect it with the header.
  11. In this step, you’ll need a two-by-four tool that you will use to connect to the ceiling.
  12. Before you try this step, get your manual and check if you need a two-by-two as some opener doesn’t need one.
  13. Get a ladder and position it under your motor system, then set up the opener at the top part of your ladder.
  14. Find an assistant who can hold the free end of the door rail and quickly connect the motor unit to the metal bracket using bolts.
  15.  Place the metal door bracket to your two-by-two door hear using lag screws.
  16. Next, connect now the door rail to the metal bracket.
  17. Engage the door arm to the door trolley.
  18.  This door arm is an L-shaped metal that connects your garage door from the trolley to the rail.
  19.  Attach the component using the bolts in order to move at any time you want to use it freely.
  20. Next, attach the LED eye sensor on both sides of the garage door frame.
  21. Make sure not to place it more than 6 inches above the ground level.
  22. They should face each other and should not obstruct their pathway.
  23. Afterward, do a test run of your sensor wiring from the door to your opener.
  24.  Lastly, program your garage door opener.
  25. Make sure to program the remote controller first before operating it.
  26. According to the manual, your garage door should move up and down smoothly, and it should have the capability of stopping halfway when there’s an obstruction.


For inexperienced people, installing a door opener might become difficult.

So, if you can handle the installation process, feel free to call Legion Garage Doors.

Our team of professional garage door technicians will help you install your new opener so that no additional problems can occur.

In this way, you can use your garage door safely and correctly.

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